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If you've stumbled upon this site unintentionally then I shall apologise in advance for subjecting you to yet another personal web site that goes in to way too much detail about someone you're never likely to meet or care about. However, if you purposefully came to this web site looking for information on Timo Newton-Syms then you've only got yourself to blame... ;-)
About Timo Newton-Syms
My flickr Gallery
Timo Newton-Syms Just a reasonably normal guy sometimes spotted by the River Thames in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK or in the suburbs of Helsinki, Finland.

Hobbies and interests include satellite television and radio, electronics, digital photography, snooker and pool. Plus walking, cycling, cross country skiing and occasionally glow worm hunting at night.

I also design web sites and host them at an affordable price (see the Web Design section below).

Glow worm Clear Satellite Dish Multi LNB Setup

Photos of a glow worm in Buckinghamshire and my multi-satellite setup in Helsinki.
Below are the latest pictures from my flickr gallery. It is updated on a regular basis and contains a mixture of photos from various places I've visited over the years and every day events.

View more photos on my flickr photostream or my sets.
Web Design
Live Webcams
I have been running my own web design and hosting business since 1998. I first became interested in web design when I acquired some web space on a friend's server at the University of Kent in 1995. After I left university I set up a business called W2-S Internet Services and continued creating and hosting web sites for other people. W2-S was the name of our corridor in the uni halls of residence.

Over the years I've developed a range of different sites from small simple local company pages to large complex corporate sites in both the UK and Finland. I also frequently team up with colleagues of mine on some of the larger projects.

If you are interested in any of my Internet services please feel free to contact me via email.
One of my hobbies is building and running outdoor web cameras. Please see my webcam page for more details.

Vuosaari, Helsinki Webcam Vuosaari, Helsinki Webcam
Ruka, Kuusamo Webcam Tammisalo, Helsinki Webcam
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